Sandford Birdsey


Sandford Birdsey has over 25 years of experience in commercial mortgage real estate. He is the founder, President and CEO of The Birdsey Group, which includes Birdsey Residential Group, Birdsey Commercial Group, Birdsey Property Solutions and Birdsey Construction Management. Prior to establishing Birdsey Group, Mr. Birdsey held executive roles at GMACCM/MortgageRamp and Univest Financial Services. Mr. Birdsey’s specific work history includes directing the real estate consulting effort for loan portfolio securitizations totaling over 4,000 properties with over $25 billion in loan value. He has been responsible for all real estate analysis for many seasoned portfolio CMBS transactions and B piece acquisitions for clients such as Blackrock Capital/UBS, Bank of America, Lehman Brothers, Protective Life Insurance, Credit Suisse First Boston, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Midland, and many others. Mr. Birdsey is a past associate member and former President of the Associate Leadership Committee of the Appraisal Institute. He is also a member of the CRE Finance Council, the Mortgage Bankers Association, and REGA.

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